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Cree Lowers LED Bulb Retail Prices Again by Removing Heat Sink
Cree introduces the New Cree® LED Bulb, delivering superior light performance while looking just like an incandescent light bulb at an even more affordable price. Featuring a new innovative design, the New Cree LED Bulb provides the same cost savings and 25,000-hour lifetime that made the original Cree LED Bulb America’s best-selling LED bulb. Available as 40- and 60-watt replacements, the New Cree LED Bulb is available at The Home Depot® for as low as US $7.97. This is a 20% price mark down compared to previous bulb products, said Cree.

“Since the launch of the original Cree® LED Bulb, consumers are rapidly switching to LED technology,” said Betty Noonan, Cree chief marketing officer. “Our New Cree® LED Bulb goes a step further, delivering even better light performance at a lower price. This new bulb provides consumers a better overall lighting experience which we know drives even more rapid LED adoption.”
The New Cree LED Bulb emits a warm, omnidirectional light thanks to its 4Flow™ Filament Design. This innovation creates a compact, optically balanced light source inside a durable, shatter-proof housing. The metal heat sink has been completely replaced with this filament design, which draws the cooler ambient air through the bulb to vent the heat into the ambient to achieve thermal equilibrium, explained Cree. This makes the bulbs much lighter and reduces production costs. The number of LEDs used int he bulb was also reduced by 20% from 10 to 8 with the new 4Flow™ Filament Design and LED improvements from SC5 Technology platform.
The New Cree LED Bulb is available in 40-and 60-watt replacement options, delivering 460 lumens for the 40-watt replacement and 815 lumens for the 60-watt replacement in soft white (2700K) and daylight (5000K) color temperatures. Backed by a three-year warranty, the New Cree LED Bulb consumes up to 85 percent less energy* during its 25,000-hour lifetime and is dimmable.