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Italy Porsche Showroom Receives LED Makeover
Porsche Italy’s premier showroom, located in Padua, recently installed innovative lighting products featuring industry-leading Cree XLamp® CXA and XT-E LEDs to illuminate its large showcase area, highlighting its latest Boxster®, Cayman®, Panamera® and Cayenne® models.
More than 400 interior and exterior light sources, including High Intensity Discharge (HID) high bays and track spotlights, fluorescent tubes, troffers and downlights and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) area lights, were replaced with new LED products designed by Linea Light Group and based on Cree® LED superior technology. High-quality illumination is essential for high-end retail, with needs extending from Porsche Italy’s car showroom and customer-oriented spaces, such as areas for car customization and staff offices. Porsche Italy management selected i-LèD® solutions from Linea Light Group to ensure a quality light experience for customers and employees: combining the highest quality of light with the significant energy efficiency associated with advanced Cree LED technology.

Linea Light installed 22 LED spotlights in the indoor exhibition area to highlight the vibrant colours of the displayed cars. Thanks to the industry-leading color rendering index (CRI) of Cree XLamp LEDs, the Linea Light fixtures allow customers to have the optimal car shopping experience with improved perception and visual comfort.
The 150-watt HPS floodlights, which illuminated the headquarters’ exterior, were replaced with new 43-watt LED light fixtures by Linea Light Group that guarantee a safe environment for the prestigious Porsche® cars, delivering high-quality light that allow customers to better see cars on display outside the headquarters, while achieving low energy consumption of 0,57 kW/h.
The new installation will deliver Porche Italy net savings of more than 75 percent compared to the interior and exterior lighting previously installed. Engineered with Cree LED technology, the energy-efficient Linea Light fixtures deliver improved performance and lifetime, decreasing the need for long-term maintenance and costs. The new LED light sources provide a service life of at least 25 years against the two-three years of the previous light fixtures.

The overall impact of the new LED lighting system for the mechanic’s workshop, offices and warehouses produced a saving of approximately 30 percent compared to the previous discharge lighting. In the mechanic's workshop the new 100-watt Flamp LED lamps replaced the outdated 250-watt high bay discharge lamps. In the offices and in the warehouses, Linea Light installed 60x60 LED ceiling lights and 26-watt LED tubes respectively replacing 68-watt fluorescent tubes.
The products of Linea Light Group installed for the headquarters of Porsche Italy are based on Cree XLamp CXA and XT-E LEDs.
“Linea Light Group is a great partner and by working together, our companies can ensure the adoption of LED technologies on a large scale,” said Angelo Cancian, regional sales director, Southern Europe, Cree. “Thanks to the efficiency of Cree® LEDs, Porsche Italy reported an incredible 201.928 kWh saved during the first year alone, while delivering incredible visibility and customer experience inside and outside the store.”

“The high-quality colour rendering and illumination enabled by Cree® LEDs allowed us to brilliantly approach this important project,” stated Andrea Corradi, Linea Light executive. “The prestigious cars must capture the attention of potential buyers and Porsche should be able to highlight every little detail. By working with Cree, Linea Light was able to create the most advanced LED-based lighting designs, exceeding Porche Italy’s expectations.”