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LED Enterprises Actively Seize Jewelry Lighting Market
As an important part of commercial lighting, many LED companies hope to seize the share of the jewelry lighting market. For jewelry stores, the lighting indeed occupies a pivotal position in the store layout.
The first-tier brands focus more on the following keywords in the lighting: bright, transparent, soft, full. "Bright" will guide the customers to enter the shop; "transparent" means that the lights have strong penetration; "soft" is that the lighting does not glare; "full" is that each corner of the store is illuminated.
Qu Da in charge of Kingsun said that on the ground from the recent received items, the growth in the lighting retrofit project in public areas is significantly, mainly in large supermarkets, factories and subway, while there is not any improvement in the growth in underground parking areas favored by people. There are indications that there has greater market potential in shopping malls, chain jewelry lighting in the next year.
With the gradual matures of LED lighting technology, LED lighting has been increasingly applied in the jewelry lighting, many jewelry stores choose to use LED lighting products. Certainly, many LED manufacturers are also competing for the share of jewelry lighting market. It is understood that well-known companies like Philips have taken actions in the jewelry lighting market.