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LED Industry Thrives in Stable European Economy
More and more countries are turning towards promoting green economies as energy shortages emerge and a growing need for diversified energy saving products arise. With the European economy stabilizing, LED luminaires have seen a boom in growth. This was evident at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council held on April 6 to 9, 2014.
Rising Polish middle class drives demand for diversified lighting products
Poland currently has a population of around 14 million people and is one of the main consumer markets in Eastern Europe, said Dariusz Stepien, Chairman of Polish manufacturer Daste Phu. The country has close business ties with neighboring countries Russia and Germany. “Poland is located in a strategic geographic location which is convenient for both distribution and importing. The country is only 150 kilometers away from Berlin and 400 kilometers from Hamburg.”
Daste Phu provides lighting fixture design solutions for clients in Germany, Denmark, Russia, France, China, and more. It also imports lighting products for retail for local wholesale merchants, hotels, shopping centers, and fashion retailers. Poland’s economy has been improving and the middle class population has likewise increased, driving up demand for more diversified lighting products,” said Stepien. “The lower the price the better, obviously. However, quality, technology content, design, and safety certification are also very important.”
The Polish government has been pushing for a green economy over the past few years, said Stepien. The government has encouraged industries to switch to more energy efficient products, such as LED luminaires. This has driven up demand for LEDs in the region.
Polish manufacturer LED line was established in 2009 and imports LED luminaires, said Founder Mr. Przemyslaw Kowalczyk. The company distributes products in the domestic market, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium, Ukraine, and more. The company plans to cooperate with different brands to increase product price and competitiveness. “Europe’s economy is returning to a stable state. Our company has imported US $4 million worth of lighting products this year, an increase from last year.”
New Zealand subsidies drive LED luminaire demand
New Zealand luminaire manufacturer AVANTI Lighting was established in 2003, with  main headquarters located in Auckland. The company mainly provides luminaire design services to hotels in Australia and New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand have a high demand for lighting products, said AVANTI Lighting’s CEO and Director Sam Anand. “New Zealand’s government has provided industries with a subsidy for purchasing environmental protecting lighting products. This has driven demand in the region.”
Each region has its own certification requirement for lighting products, Anand pointed out. If distributors want to export lighting products to New Zealand, products must have the C-Tick label.
Shortage in energy spurs demand for environmentally friendly products
Russian manufacturer Palantir has continued to import German, Spanish, French and other area lighting products, said Account Director Mikhail Pozhilov. However, hampered by the Europe energy crisis, products and energy costs rose. The company therefore looked for new distributors in Asia. Affordable energy efficient products and quality assurance are both important, said Pozhilov.
The Philippine economy has been improving, and the population continues to rise, said Philippine manufacturer Savvy International Corporation General Manager Paul Steven Ymas Ramos. The country is facing a shortage of energy, much like Europe. Demand for energy efficient LED luminaires has increased on the back of riding electricity costs.