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LED Panels Brings Blue Skies Indoor
Sunny weather all year round is now achievable with the installation of nanoparticle LED panels developed by designer Paolo di Trapani and Italy’s University of Insubri, according to a Gizmodo report.

The white LED behind a polymer screen is coated in titanium dioxide nanoparticles to reproduce Rayleigh scattering—a process that segments light particles into “blue” sky and yellow sun in the human eye.
While Trapani and University of Insubri may have come up with the design concept, the luminaire is being mass produced by CoeLux. The luminaire did attract attention from LED industry experts at Light+Building 2014 earlier this month, with Lux Magazine even lauding the luminaire as a top 10 innovative product at the show.

The luminaire can be adjusted to imitate sunlight at different lattitudes, including 60 for tropics with vertical, high-contrast light. The 45 for a Mediterranean hue and 30 for a Nordic warm and lateral glow. The luminaires can also mimic other types of weather, such as cloudy or gloomy weather.
The lights can treat people with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or installed indoors in heavily polluted cities to replace smog. CoeLux also proposed workplace productivity might also be improved by adding a dose of artificial sunlight, are add economic value to windowless buildings and restaurants. One of the last applications the company offered was making parks anywhere.