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Osram Opts for Germany for Its High-tech Strategy
Osram continues its transformation by establishing state-of-the-art technology at its German sites, based on the key points set out in the ‘Zukunftskonzept OSRAM’ (“Future Concept OSRAM”) agreed to by the company and the employee representatives. The aim is to sustain the company’s growth path, which began two years ago with the launch of Osram’s ‘Diamond’ innovation and growth initiative. The transformation will also lead to changes in the employment structure in Germany. Overall, the number of jobs in Germany is set to increase over the coming years.

“The plan for Germany is one of our most important strategic decisions of recent years. By expanding the areas of autonomous driving, digitalization and LED technology, which will become increasingly significant, we are making a commitment to Germany as a high-tech location,” said Olaf Berlien, CEO of OSRAM Licht AG.
“This agreement creates reliable prospects for the German plants, and is an important step for securing and expanding workforce,” according to Irene Schulz, managing board member of trade union IG Metall.
The agreement on the key issues of the ‘Zukunftskonzept OSRAM’ is vital for the future development of the company and its German plants into a provider of cutting-edge digital lighting solutions. The focus is on the Berlin and Schwabmünchen sites. Osram experiences a large fall in volumes for its traditional business here, which was threatening the existence of the plants in the medium term.
However, Berlin has proved to be a suitable location for the future business of autonomous driving. Over the coming years, the plant is set to be transformed into a high-technology center. The Schwabmünchen site, where the company used to produce pre-material for light bulbs, among other things, will become a facility for LED pre-materials, which are produced in a cleanroom.
The Herbrechtingen site will remain the leadplant for specialty lighting worldwide. The Eichstätt plant is experiencing high capacity utilization due to the strong demand for cinema lamps and at the Regensburg site LED capacities will be significantly expanded over the next few years. A comprehensive production and future program was recently agreed upon with the workers council, to provide future viability of the Traunreut plant.