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Spanish Restaurant Upgrades Services with Smart LED Lighting
The new prestigious Tatel restaurant in the centre of Madrid offers Spanish cuisine of the highest order and an air of exclusivity. Lighting scenes create the perfect atmosphere. The light management system also offers individual adjustment with connecDIM.
A central dining room, five partitioned sections and a bar provide the stylish setting for private get-togthers and business meetings.


See and be seen
Four lighting scenes create the perfect atmosphere for the particular time of day, whether you're taking lunch, enjoying a coffee break, eating an evening meal or relaxing over a cocktail. The intensity of the light in the premium sections can be individually controlled. The Operations Manager at the restaurant can change the brightness depending on the clientele – for example a particular level for young people celebrating a birthday, and a different one for high-flying entrepreneurs discussing a deal. The light management system will have a positive effect on the well-being of the demanding clientele.
Smart light management
Tridonic's connecDIM gateway in this installation enables a series of TALEXXdriver LCU and LCI drivers to be independently controlled via three DALI lines. A Tridonic expert programmed the lighting scenes. Additional individual brightness adjustments can be made wirelessly from an iPad in the main dining area. Systems featuring the new connecDIM gateway can be easily set up and monitored using apps for mobile devices.
This smart lighting control system was implemented by Diseñolamp using Tridonic component solutions. Laser Iluminación was responsible for the lighting design. Interior design was by Ilmiodesign. The co-owners and brand ambassadors for this prestige restaurant are three world-famous Spaniards: tennis player Rafael Nadal, NBA basketball legend Pau Gasol and pop star Enrique Iglesias.