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UK Islands to Roll out LED Lighting Upgrade
Authorities of Shetland, UK, announced the subartic archipelagos will be spending more than GBP 2 million (US $3.05 million) to upgrade its streetlights to LEDs, reported Shetland News.
SHETLAND Islands Council announced it will retrofit 3,900 streetlights, external lighting on public buildings, leisure centers, ferry terminals and piers.
Five years ago, six LED lanterns were installed in Lerwick’s Bank Lane and the lights have continued to operate without fault. Another 125 LEDs have been installed over the last few years by the council’s roads services as they replaced “conventional” lights.
In a written report by roads manager Dave Coupe, he noted existing streetlights on the islands were in “relatively poor condition” and there were underinvestments.
Island streetlights have been installed from more than 25 years ago, and many have begun to show varying levels of wear and tear due to long term exposure to Shetland’s climates. Some of these lights have been removed because of safety reasons, but existing maintenance budgets are insufficient to replace them all.
The island council agreed to a policy of managed reduction in October 2012, which involves keeping streetlights “at locations where it is most needed”. Some of the lights were completely removed and lights in other areas are switched on for only part of the night to save energy.
Preliminary design work is estimated to reach GBP 50,000, and the total costs of the lighting project will be around GBP 2.2 million.