Nov.2022 15
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JDI is developing technology that can freely change the direction of LED light, and mass production is expected to begin in 2023

Japan Display (JDI) recently announced that it has successfully developed a new generation of lighting technology "LumiFree" to achieve more free and energy-saving lighting effects; Mass production is expected to begin in 2023 and sales will reach JPY 10 billion in 2026.


JDI said that LumiFree is developing new liquid crystal materials that change the refractive index to control the light distribution type, and then realize the free control of the direction of light propagation, such as vertical and horizontal distribution.


In addition, LumiFree can also change the size and shape of light (such as becoming oval, rectangular, etc.), which also means that lighting fixtures can have more changes in the future, no longer limited to traditional lamps, and optimize the shape of light according to people and objects, adjust the amount of electricity and the number of lighting fixtures, etc., can irradiate the necessary amount of light in the right place to achieve better energy-saving effects.


At the same time, because LumiFree has the advantages of liquid crystal display, such as low noise, long life and lightweight design, it can be deployed more widely, such as residential, commercial buildings, corridors or art museum exhibits; JDI also revealed that in the future, it plans to introduce this technology to areas such as interior lighting or automotive headlights.


JDI emphasized that this is the world's first technology that can control the direction of LED light propagation, although reducing energy can achieve better lighting of people, things, and things, thereby reducing light pollution. This technology is expected to start mass production in 2023 and will be a strong growth driver in the future, with sales expected to reach 10 billion yen in 2026.