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Corresponding to different scenes, linear light design effect display

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the appearance and performance of linear lights are constantly improving, and the applicable scenarios are more extensive. More and more lighting scenes, applied to linear elements, compact and efficient lighting methods, increase the sensory experience and visual art effect of space.


Today we will focus on linear lighting to see how it is applied and displayed in different scenes.

Linear luminaire installation art effect


Linear lighting is also very aesthetic as an art installation and lamp, and the detailed and uniform light freely changes and combines in the space, bringing the basic lighting effect at the same time, but also highlighting the huge artistic appeal, showing its unique charm and spatial feeling.


Office Space - Linear Lighting Application


Through the change of linear lighting, the space is flexible, and at the same time, it can give people a simple, clear and comfortable feeling. As a functional and highly customized product, linear luminaires will become the first choice for designers in office space design.


Commercial Space - Linear Lighting Applications


Linear lights are equally widely used in commercial spaces, giving people a sense of brightness, rhythm, and easily creating an overall atmosphere through light, where light is an essential decorative element.


Hallway Space - Linear Lighting Applications


Through clever changes in light and shadow and chiaroscuro, the whole building is full of interest and vitality, bringing excellent visual effects. Use lighting design to build a free, flexible and imaginative temperament space, and can weaken its own sense of existence through hidden forms, gradually arrange along the corresponding space contour, and concave a unique geometric or curved shape with the wall.


Home Space - Linear Lighting Applications


LED light strip has become an important means to achieve "seeing the light without seeing the light" due to its beautiful appearance, rich specifications, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving and environmental protection. Using light as a brush, it outlines a textured space that is rich and light.


Staircase Space - Linear Lighting Applications


Through linear lights, the space is lit up, which enriches the spatial context while creating a visual sense of light and dark layers and virtual and real contrast.


Baseboards Space - Linear Lighting Applications


Linear lamps are constantly improved and enriched in the evolution of technology and shape, lighting up the LED light strip through the floor diffuse reflection, so that the use of function and lighting can be both.


Cabinet Space - Linear Lighting Applications

Bookcases, wardrobes, wine cabinets and other positions, while meeting the lighting function, ignite the entire space atmosphere, grab people's visual focus, and create a light, flexible and exquisite spatial context.


The LED light strip is installed inside the cabinet to increase the light source, and the ingenious combination of the shelf can weaken the closed enclosure of the space, fully rendering the exquisite and fashionable indoor atmosphere.