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Three kinds of LED strip light: SMD, COB and CSP, who is the strongest king?

SMD, COB and CSP are three forms of LED strip light, and SMD is the most traditional. Xidongge has been pursuing the ultimate of chips, the refinement of light strip products, from 5050 lamp beads to today's CSP technology, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers, Xidongge has invested in R&D and production. And all kinds of light strip products on the market emerge endlessly, in the face of a variety of products, how to make a trade-off and choose.


At present, SMD and COB are widely used, each with its own advantages and disadvantages and different application scenarios. SMD is the most common and is available in a variety of sizes; COB is favored by the market for its superior linear effect; The birth of the new light strip CSP leads the industry new trend because of more advanced chip packaging technology. So compared with traditional strip light COB and SMD strip light, what are the advantages of CSP strip light?


CSP LED strip, the leading encapsulation process.


LED chip, also known as LED light-emitting chip, is the core component of LED soft strip, which will directly affect the light quality of LED soft strip. How to break through the technical difficulties of packaging chips is the technical barriers that major manufacturers strive to break through.


The traditional packaging technology used by COB and CSP has complex structure, many and cumbersome manufacturing processes, complex construction, time-consuming and labor-intensive construction, and high production costs. The illuminance of the LED after production will be reduced due to the deterioration of the packaging material due to heat and other reasons, and the heat dissipation effect is not good, and the product stability is also poor.


After technical refinement, CSP chips adopt "flip chip and chip-level technology", with low thermal resistance and high electrical stability. It is getting smaller and smaller, and its performance is more stable.


The cost of CSP packaging is much lower than the cost of traditional packaging technology, which can save labor costs and packaging costs to the greatest extent, and is cost-effective.

CSP LED strip, high light color accuracy.


The traditional COB adopts the dotting process, the color of the mixing light is not pure, the color is not easy to control when mixing, and good color consistency can only be achieved by sacrificing the yield rate.


CSP lamp beads are more densely arranged, before packaging to carry out spectroscopy, the luminous angle is larger, CSP's light color accuracy is relatively high, in the mixed light color consistency, CSP compared with traditional COB, the advantages are also more obvious.


CSP LED strip, super flexible.


The flexibility of COB and SMD is general, if not operated properly, COB will appear package detachment, SMD may make the bracket of the lamp bead break.


Because CSP has no brackets, gold wires and other fragile links, it uses glue drops to protect the lamp beads, which is safe and reliable. The chip is smaller in size, can be made thinner, the bending force angle is small, and it has stronger flexibility.


CSP LED strip, the application scenarios are the widest.


SMD light strip is more widely used because of its various sizes and is more suitable for indoor outlining, and waterproof products can also be used for outdoor contouring.


COB light strip has excellent linear effect, which is better used in decorative lighting and prop display lighting.


CSP light strip has a certain linear effect, flexible and bending is the best. And in the light splitting before packaging, the yield and light color accuracy are better than the previous two light strips, and the cost performance is relatively the highest. Therefore, on the whole, it has certain advantages in various applications both indoor and outdoor. And its compact size makes it more advantageous for applications in narrow spaces.