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LED Sky Lights - Turn on a Blue Sky for Your Home
Is it possible to have blue sky, white clouds and sunshine even when hiding in the basement? In fact, Italy and Japan have developed such lamps, and indoors, it seems to be under the sky outside, enjoying a very natural and comfortable light environment, giving lighting a new connotation.


There has never been a greater awareness of the positive effects of the natural environment on human physical and mental health than today. For lighting, we are no longer just purely pursuing light effects, but more of the positive impact of light on people. How to pursue the harmonious coexistence and integration and symbiosis between man and nature in a healthy and natural light environment has also become the consensus of the lighting industry.

The era of sky lights is coming: let the sunshine live in the room.


Sky lights make this vision a reality. In real nature, due to the existence of countless tiny particles in the atmosphere that are invisible to the naked eye, when sunlight passes through the atmosphere, short-wavelength blue light hits these small particles and scatters, making the sky appear blue. This phenomenon is called the Rayleigh effect. The "blue sky light" designed according to this principle will present a very natural and comfortable lighting effect, just like being in the outside sky, and installing it indoors is equivalent to installing a skylight.


It is understood that the world's first LED lamp that simulates natural light best based on this principle was developed by Italian Coelux Company. At the 2018 Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition in Germany, a daylight simulation device developed by Coelux in Italy, the Coelux system, attracted extensive attention from exhibitors; in early 2020, Japan's Mitsubishi Electric launched a lighting system called "Misola", which The LED display screen can simulate the picture of the blue sky, and it has already gathered a high topic in the lighting market before it is sold to the outside world. In addition, the well-known brand Dyson has also launched a lamp called Lightcycle, which can simulate the natural light in a day according to the human biological clock.

The development potential of sky lights is evident.


The next blue ocean market in the industry


The emergence of sky lights has brought human beings into a healthy era that is truly in harmony with nature. Sky lights are playing an active role in closed and windowless indoor spaces such as residences, offices, shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals. In order to fully simulate the feeling of the sky through technological breakthroughs, people who have been living indoors or in dim environments, such as ICU wards and basements, can enjoy sunlight.

The development of luminaires is an iterative process. With the advent of the post-epidemic era, healthy lighting has become an important area for the upgrading and transformation of the LED lighting industry, and promoting healthy lighting is of great practical significance. As a new lighting product that pays attention to the natural light environment and the physical and mental health of human beings, the birth of the sky light provides a new important development direction for the lighting industry. Today, sky lights are still in their infancy. However, with the iteration of products and innovation of technology, sky lights will create infinite possibilities in all application fields, endow light with more value space, and the prospects are promising.